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"CT MailChimp Form" This is a module that allows visitors to sign up for a mailing list that's powered by MailChimp. Simple installation and setup. Start collecting new subscribers to your MailChimp lists in minutes! 

Feature : 

  • Collect user email , first name , last name.
  • Collect Extra Fields.
  • Easy Configuration.


Q : How to get MailChimp API Key ?
A : Log in to your MailChimp control panel, then go to 'Account' -> 'Extras' -> 'API Keys' .
Q : How to get MailChimp List Unique ID ?
A : From your MailChimp control panel, select the list you want people to subscribe to, then click on the Setting tab, and at the bottom of the screen you'll see the unique id for that list.